Sep 2, 2007

Access the Storehouse of Information

A friend of mine is a trained hypnotist and through hypnosis therapy she has been helping people not only unlock their past blocks, but also to identify those issues that put roadblocks in their path.

It was quiet amazing to hear that many people during their therapy sessions could remember many such incidents which they had completely forgotten about. Many when read their account would not believe that they had shared those things and have experienced them, until one of their family members shared the same incident with all the other details.

I wondered where these people were getting their information from. Obviously there is part in us that remembers everything. Every word we have read, every scene we have seen, every experience we have had, every feeling we have felt and much more.

Our brain stores all these impressions. It is all there. However, there are not many times during the day that we consciously retrieve this information.

We all have the key to constant inspiration in our hands…or let’s say in our brains. We just need to use this key more often so that it can be readily available at a moments notice when we need it the most.

Meditation practice has helped me to establish and strengthen my connection between the conscious and subconscious. My meditation practice helps my mind to be more open to ideas and allows my brain to have a better access to all the information that has been stored there for lifetime.


Suzan Baker said...

This article is just superb. I've been gone through this situation and I can understand how the writer has articulated those micro points in this article. This is just superb.


Radiant Being said...

Thanks happy you resonated with the content. Would love to read your take and experiences about the topic...share with us your wisdom too.